Re: Counter values in attributes??

Subject: Re: Counter values in attributes??
From: Guy_Murphy@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 08:51:40 +0000
Hi Evan.

I can't speak for the other parsers, but in IE5b2 there are methods to do
this for you. You might want to look at...

...using these methods, what you're trying to achieve is quite


xsl-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on 02/17/99 10:49:14 PM

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Subject:  Counter values in attributes??

I'd like some enlightenment on counters if there's any to be had.  I'm
having problems with this scenario:  I have a parent tag (container)
that contains a variable number of children.  I want to prepare an HTML
table that has a header cell containing the description of the
container.  I want this header cell to span the same number of columns
as there are children.

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