Re: Counter values in attributes??

Subject: Re: Counter values in attributes??
From: Evan Easton <evan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 06:38:04 -0600

Wendu Cameron wrote:
> It is my belief correct me if im wrong.  But HTML is more powerful than that
> you do not need to specify the colspan for the first row.
> Just use
> <TR>
>    <xsl:value-of Select="Container/@Descrition"/>
> </TR>
> <TR>
>    <xsl:for-each Select="Container">
>       <TD><xsl:value-of Select="Child"/></TD>
>    </xsl:for-each>
> </TD>
> Although this may not be stylistic I prefer a keep it simple approach'
> Ohh and by the way make descrition an attribute not an element
This does not put the description inside the table.  IE4 and NN4.5  both
render this as stray text, which happens to be at the start of the
table.  If you wanted to do any formatting (e.g. ALIGN="CENTER") it will
not affect the stray text.

BTW, problem is solved.  See my other post from today.

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