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Subject: Re: Fw: Flight of fantasy...
From: Guy_Murphy@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 09:05:33 +0000
Hi Oren.

I'm suprised the post got any response at all.

The reason why I went for attributes in the first block and optionally
content in the second was to unify syntax for not just style and document
content, but also for scripting. I think where the focus is the content of
a documents, rather than just a styling spec, seperating attributes and
content can be beneficial.

Anyhow, as the subject says it's all just fantasy... and I should quit with
the off topic posts before I get roasted :)


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Subject:  Fw: Flight of fantasy...

>If we hadn't have had those sharp little brackets with SGML, but more
>traditional expression of containment, we might have wound up with...

>     body {onLoad: [init]} {
>        h1 {A Flight Of Fantasy}
>         p {Some text...}
>   }

So the first block contains attributes and the second sub elements? A pity,
I'd have thought you'd go for broke and remove the difference. As long as
we're tripping on alternate reality drugs, how about:
body {
    onLoad "[init]"
    h1 { "A flight of Fantasy" }
    p { "Some text" }
I guess I'm having a severe case of weekend stress myself :-)
Have fun,
    Oren Ben-Kiki

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