RE: Complex XSL Application (I think)

Subject: RE: Complex XSL Application (I think)
From: Guy_Murphy@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 11:30:43 +0000

I think you might be both missing each other by looking too closely at the
words and nto the meaning.

Actually it is not the task of XSL to produce HTML from XML. The original
chap was correct is stating both that XSL is a language and not an
application, and two that it doesn't produce HTML.

The result of an XSL process is XML, ideally in the case of styling,
formatting objects.

However, in the development stage of XSL that we currently find ourselves
with incomplete implimentations of XSL (and indeed XSL being incomplete
itself), HTML-like XML is often used as the result of XSL so that it might
be rendered in current browsers.

If you where to suggest though that the original posters statement was
potentialy misleading, even maybe obfuscating, then I'd agree with you :)


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Subject:  RE: Complex XSL Application (I think)

>There are quite a few actual applications designed to
>take SGML/XML and create HTML. XSL is not one of them.
crazy. just generating HTML from XML is the task XSL does.
I wonder what are your interest on this XSL related list.
Alberto G?mez  agomez@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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