Re: XSL and XML

Subject: Re: XSL and XML
From: Chris Lilley <chris@xxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 02 May 1999 01:02:42 +0200

"Trahan, Shane" wrote:
> Thank you all so much for getting me started..
> I am trying to adhere to standards as much as possible.. What is the
> difference bewteen the XSL and the CSS? 

CSS does styling, XSL does transfirmation and styling. In fact, it does
styling by transforming into a new XML instance which describes the
result of styling.

> Does IE5 support XSL and not CSS 

No. IE5 supports XML, CSS, and XSLT. It doesn't support XSL.

> and then Gecko support CSS and not XSL?

Gecko (or NFGLayout) and browsers using it support XML and CSS.

> Being kind of familier with CSS it seems to only "Present" the information..

Yes. Similarly, XML "only" contains the content ;-) 

> Is XSL more robust?
Robust in what way?


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