Tables Again

Subject: Tables Again
From: John Kohler <jkohler@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 08:54:06 -0600
We have a document like this:
  <data value="AA"/>  <data value="BB"/>
  <data value="CC"/>  <data value="DD"/>  
  <data value="EE"/>  <data value="FF"/>  
  <data value="GG"/>  <data value="HH"/>  
  <data value="II"/>  <data value="JJ"/>  
  <data value="KK"/>  <data value="LL"/>

What we want is to put the data values into
an n by m HTML table with n being a hardcoded 
constant and m being driven by the data:


We've tried about every permutation possible
but haven't come up with the right one yet.

Any help or example would be greatly appreciated.

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