RE: XSL processor speed ?

Subject: RE: XSL processor speed ?
From: "Didier PH Martin" <martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 08:42:00 -0400
HI Sebastian,

So long I've tried two of XSL processor available : XT and XSL:P.
Their usage and implementation are different so are their speed in
processing XML+XSL documents. Indeed XSL:P, while easier and more
flexible ( to my opinion) does need DOM tree for both XML and XSL
document before, wich MUST give overhead. On the other hand, XT does
not need DOM interface and process document right aways, making it
really faster to process the result document.

My question is now : Is there benchmark for XSL Processor on the same
idea we found in XML-DEV list for XML parser ?

Up to my knowledge, I never saw one but would be interested to see one :-)
About your comment on XSL processors. Did you meant that XSL:P build a DOM
tree for both XSL and XML but that XT only for XML. XT should at least build
a DOM tree (or a grove) to get access to the documents elements (in case of
a query inside a template). Then, the difference would be that there is, in
one case, two DOM built and in the other one only one.

Didier PH Martin

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