Re: XSL performance problem

Subject: Re: XSL performance problem
From: "Rick Ross" <rick@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 12:16:32 -0400
I must concur with Paul, and I also want to note that your stated times
don't even seem to be in the same ballpark as ours, although a million
variable could account for the difference.

At the JavaLobby site ( we dynamically generate and
deliver over 10,000 page views every single day from our AMD K6-200 running
Solaris x86. Our typical cpu load averages about 2% for this processing,
though it sometimes spikes sharply - and the typical page production time is
minimal, probably around 200 ms for the full cycle (including servlet
overhead, business logic and XML/XSL transformation).

We don't have hard numbers, but this is a real-world example of XML/XSL
doing the the job right now, and it has been for over 6 months!

Rick Ross

Paul Prescod wrote:
> Sebastien Sahuc wrote:
> >
> > Hi there,
> > I know there is nothing comparable to what I'm arguing, structure of
> > xml and xsl documents can sensibly affect the result, but I'm really
> > surprised not to get better results.

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