RE: XSL performance problem

Subject: RE: XSL performance problem
From: Sebastien Sahuc <ssahuc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 19:17:43 +0200
Paul prescod wrote:
> Plus, we can't tell from your message how much of the time you are
> complaining about is startup time. I hear you saying that you are
> processing 100kb in one second. If that includes JVM startup 
> time, XT/XP
> startup time, and so forth then that sounds pretty good to me!

Well, first thank for your reply, i really appreciate. 

Second, I made benchmark with Servlet using Apache + JServ, meaning
that at the HTTP request, the servlet is doing the very following
tasks :
* Create a new XSLProcessor object;
* Process the xml document (which was already in memory at servlet
* Write the outputstream.

All overhead du to JVM starting, IO processing are done in advance,
that's why I'm considering the result a little unhappy.
But I do understand that none of the processor I used was not
optimized, so now I'm wondering how much gain can we expect for
optimized one ?

Thak for any reply.

Sebastien Sahuc

only processing the xml document (already read in ;e;ory at servlet
initialisation) the only 

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