RE: Appying XSL to dynamic part of XML.

Subject: RE: Appying XSL to dynamic part of XML.
From: "John Hicks" <cerium@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 00:06:08 -0400
Hi Klaas:

You wrote:

>I'm trying to do some trick with XSL.
>Scenario 1:
> ...for every database-entry... in the database,
> I would like to repeat the "paragraph"
> (every time with the next element from the
> database of course).

Unless you particularly want to see XSL do the heavy-lifting, we have a tool
that meets your challenge (as I understand it).

Our XSLServletPreview combines templates (HTML or XML) 1) with database
values;  2) with one another;  3) with stylesheet.  In that order: XSL
doesn't come in till (3).

Simple example, HTML:

  top.html >>>>>>>> once
  no SQL >>>>>>>>>>

  side.html >>>>>>> repeat or omit as needed
  SQL >>>>>>>>>>>>>

  middle.html >>>>> repeat or omit as needed
  SQL >>>>>>>>>>>>>

  bottom.html >>>>> once
  no SQL >>>>>>>>>>

Example with XML and XSL:

  this.xml >>>>>>>
  SQL or no >>>>>>

  that.xml >>>>>>>
  SQL or no >>>>>>

  theOther.xml >>>
  SQL or no >>>>>>

  aStyling.xsl >>>>

Again we include, repeat, or omit each (top, side, middle, bottom, this,
that, the other) as needed, depending on database results.

You wrote:

> Scenario 2:
> ...create a new "document" for every entry...

XSLServletPreview also includes, repeats, or omits entire documents this
way, depending on database results, and then unbatches them.

Don't let the name worry you: no servlet engine or web server needed.  Uses
IBM XML4J parser and LotusXSL v17 (new in late May).

Does that meet your challenge?  No charge download (for now) from


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