RE: XML and XSL server-side parsers

Subject: RE: XML and XSL server-side parsers
From: Marco.Mistroni@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 09:16:50 +0300
Hi Joe,
	I have implemented a servlet with calls the LotusXSL processor
giving as input XML file and XSL file and returning back to the user the
HTML file
Try to go to the site <>
and get info about LotusXSL
Since you produce HTML, you don't necessarily need to have a new browser
This is my idea
Hope that can helps

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Subject:	XML and XSL server-side parsers


I am researching the possibility of using XML and XSL in some of our larger
content based websites as both the style and the content of some of these
sites changes often but the alterations are made by different departments.
I have been experimenting with XML and using XSL to make display it in IE5,
but most of our users do not have IE5 yet, and many of them are confined to
Unix based machines where the IE browsers are somewhat incomplete. 

I understand that Netscape 5 will fully support XML/XSL, but in the mean
time, are there any parsers that can run server-side that can take a XML
files and their corresponding XSL files and convert them into the
appropriate HTML to download to olderbrowsers. This software needs to run
on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, or Linux - and it would be nice if it were free :). 

Has anyone got any suggestions/ideas/pointers/etc?

Thanks in advance

-Joe Walnes

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