Re: Advice on a web site using XML and XSL

Subject: Re: Advice on a web site using XML and XSL
From: Rick Geimer <rick.geimer@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999 10:24:15 -0700
I'm working on a similar project, though sadly I can't make any of it public
yet, as it will be initially geared towards an extranet site with selected
customers. Hopefully I can convince my management and our web team to make this
publicly available at some point.

Anyway, I too would be interested in seeing how people are handling the browser
problem. Does anyone have any samples of the same XML rendered both with IE5+XSL
and Mozilla+DOM+CSS? I'm not talking about a simple stock sorting application
either, I would like to see samples with complex documents, hopefully ones that
don't just use the HTML namespace for everything that CSS can't handle easily
(i.e. links and graphics).

Rick Geimer
National Semiconductor

"Steven Livingstone, ITS, SENM" wrote:

> I am about to start quite a big web project and would appreciate some
> feedback on XML/XSL integration. Below IE5 and Netscape users will receive a
> similar interface.
> For IE5 users I want to make use of XML/XSL, espcecially for my more content
> orientated pages (company information, case studies etc...). My question is
> how much of my site I should develop using these and how much using
> HTML/CSS/behaviours etc... or should I integrate them both (experiences of
> doing this would be appreciated).
> Some examples I have looked at use an XML page which is styled using XSL
> which contains HTML/CSS and Javascipt. Is this the best way to do it?
> Any example sites - even only IE5 compatable?
> Thanks
> Steven
> Steven Livingstone
> President, AIP Scotland.
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