RE: Using node-sets in reverse document order?

Subject: RE: Using node-sets in reverse document order?
From: "G. Ken Holman" <gkholman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 07:53:29 -0700
Hi Mike,

At 99/07/12 09:41 +0100, Kay Michael wrote:
>> How can I do something ... that will order the selected
>> nodes in reverse document order?
>I don't think the (Apr 21) standard allows it (haven't had a chance to study
>the July 9 version in detail).

In my response to Tony I used XT19990514 that supports XSL19990421:

In that posting you will see a working solution.

>You can do it in SAXON by exploiting the fact that generate-id() returns
>identifiers that collate in document order. 

My understanding of generate-id() is that it must be used blindly:  values
are not persistent between executions of the stylesheet, but within any one
execution of the stylesheet the value for each node is persistent ... but
that is all.  I believe engines can assign any value they wish and that
their only lexical constraint is that they be parseable as name tokens
(*very* useful for indexes and TOCs), not that they be in any particular

............ Ken

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