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Subject: Re: Embedded XML/XSL documents
From: "Richard Lander" <rlander@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 13:12:28 -0400
I believe that the sort of function you are looking for is 'document()', which is in the latest XSLT draft. There isn't any XT implementation that currently supports document() or doc()/docref(), as it was called in the previous draft. I don't know about the status of SAXON on this issue.
The other option is to use external entities, which restricts you to XML documents without document type declarations. I haven't done a lot with 'nested remote documents', as you call them, but might something like <childref href=""/> be a better approach than PIs? The use of elements would allow you to validate your content, which isn't possible with PIs.
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Subject: Embedded XML/XSL documents

Does xml/xsl support nested remote documents?  For example:
    <?import SRC=""/>
    <?import SRC=""/>
Such that the processing of Root would cause the loading of Left and Right, along with their associated style sheets.
The use case for this is for a web site with a universal format.  Say, a border on the left with a set of links like a main menu.  That could be the left child.  The right child would be the individual content for a particular page.  Thus, when your 'menu' changes you only need to change a single document instead of every page in your site.
Is this possible?  What command should I look at in the spec?  Is this supported by any xml/xsl parsers?  (IE5, LotusXSL...)
I apologize for asking a question that the spec could answer.  I have skimmed it but I do not recall such a command.
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