Re: Embedded XML/XSL documents

Subject: Re: Embedded XML/XSL documents
From: Sara Mitchell <smitchel@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 11:04:23 -0700
I'm not positive about the "associated stylesheets" issue 
(haven't yet worked with this), but XSL does support embeded
documents if you use the general entity notation of XML.
In other words, there isn't a command in XSL, but there is 
a method in XML that XSL supports. For your example, this is 
what it would look like: 

<?xml version="1.0">
<!DOCTYPE Root SYSTEM root.dtd
[<!ENTITY left SYSTEM "/LChild.xml">
<!ENTITY right SYSTEM "/RChild.xml">]

Note that the entities left and right that are used to embed
the content must be declared in the internal subset (stuff 
in the DOCTYPE declaration of an XML document that is between 
[ and ]). 

Sara Mitchell

> Russell Allen wrote:
> Does xml/xsl support nested remote documents?  For example:
> Root.xml:
> <Root>
>   <LeftChild>
>     <?import SRC="/LChild.xml"/>
>   </LeftChild>
>   <RightChild>
>     <?import SRC="/RChild.xml"/>
>   </RightChild>
> </Root>
> LChild.xml:
> <E1>
> </E1>
> RChild.xml:
> <E2>
> </E2>
> [snip]

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