RE: Microsoft's take on XSL

Subject: RE: Microsoft's take on XSL
From: "Julian Reschke" <reschke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 14:19:18 +0200

on a similar question in microsoft.public.xml, I got:

Microsoft <anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb in Nachricht
> Yes, the XSL compatibility is clearly not just an API issue - it is also
> XSL syntax and interpretation issue.  There are also subtle things in the
> XML language and in the DOM that will unlikely be fully compatible -- this
> is due to ambiguity in the w3c specs and the fact that true 100%
> cross-platform compatibility is never achievable anyway.
> The migration story for XSL is that we will continue to support the IE5.0
> XSL namespace with the IE5 behavior and then we will also support the new
> XSLT namespace with the XSLT defined behavior.  Arn't namespaces wonderful

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> Hi
> Does anyone know where I can find a Microsoft policy statement on
> how and when they will support XSL - answers to questions like
>  - will they support the forthcoming Recommendation
> partly/fully/with-extensions
>  - which version of MSIE will this come in, and when
>  - will they continue to support their current MSIE5 "XSL" implementation
> If no such statement exists (as I guess it doesn't), what rumours are
> going round?
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