Re: Where can I find a DTD for XSL?

Subject: Re: Where can I find a DTD for XSL?
From: "Pete Johnston" <P.Johnston@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 19:30:20 GMT
> Our intention is to use an XML editor (e.g., emilé) to edit XSL, but
> first we need the DTD. Where can such a thing be found?

A DTD fragment for the XSLT defined elements can be found in
appendix A of the XSLT WD at:

As noted there, you would need to modify the "result-elements"
parameter entity to cater for the element types in each specific
result DTD. I think you might be able to avoid this if you insist
on the use of the xsl:element and xsl:attribute elements to generate
the result elements/attributes since then the names of the result
element types are present in the stylesheet only as attribute values.

Pete Johnston
University of Glasgow

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