Re: Matching in IDREFS attributes

Subject: Re: Matching in IDREFS attributes
From: "Pete Johnston" <P.Johnston@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 17:07:59 GMT
[Sebastian Rahtz]

> Pete Johnston's proposal presumably works (well, I hope it does, it
> looks nice), but I see this requirement is listed in the "Under
> consideration" section of the latest XSL draft. Does that indicate
> that They think it *can't* be done at present, or merely that They
> think it would be sensible to have a canned way of expressing it?

I played around with it a little bit more and I'm cautiously 
optimistic that what I suggested works, but it has the weakness of 
depending on knowing the names of the referring attributes. 

I'm guessing, but I wonder whether the "feature under consideration" 
is the ability to do that match on "attributes of type IDREF which 
refer to a specified id" without needing to know the specific names 
of those IDREF type attributes, rather in the way that the id() 
function allows you to match on attributes of type ID without needing 
to know whether those attributes are really called "name", "label",
"refnumber", or indeed "id". 

Pete Johnston
University of Glasgow

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