RE: Chapter 14 of the XML Bible now online

Subject: RE: Chapter 14 of the XML Bible now online
From: "Zakon, Stuart" <ZakonS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 10:06:03 -0400
Looks great!
However, one problem should be corrected.
You diagram with hydrogen and helium forces
my Adobe Acrobat to shrink the page so that the graphic
will fit. I would just include the hydrogen branch. People
will get the idea.

Stuart Zakon

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> Subject:	Chapter 14 of the XML Bible now online
> I've posted an updated version of Chapter 14, XSL Transformations, of my
> next book, the XML Bible on my Web site at
> This is actually an updated version of what will be in the printed book
> next month. This covers the July 9, 1999 working draft whereas the book
> itself will only be up to date with the April 21 working draft. (IDG was
> unwilling to let the publication date slip in order to accomodate the
> latest working draft, and chose to ship an out of date book over my
> protests.)
> I'd appreciate comments from anyone who's got the time to look it over
> before I make a broader announcement. I'm especially interested if anyone
> notices any mistakes in my interpretation of the latest draft. I'm working
> more or less from spec here, since none of the transformation tools like
> LotusXSL or XT have yet been updated to support the latest working draft.
> Once they do, I'll be able to actually try out a lot of the new examples.
> I'd also appreciate hearing of any problems with the HTML, should you
> notice any.  This was mostly produced by Word's Save As HTML feature,
> which
> is less than ideal, but was the quickest way to get the updated text out.
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