Re: Embedding HTML tags into XML

Subject: Re: Embedding HTML tags into XML
From: Cliodhna Mc Guirk <cliodhna@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 18:20:39 +0100
Miloslav Nic wrote:

> And for compatibility reason do not use e.g. <hr/> but <hr> <xsl:text>
> </xsl:text>

This just isn't possible for some HTML tags. Eg for tags like <IMG>and
<INPUT>using something like </INPUT> isn't meaningful.

> </hr>. Even relatively new browsers does not understand the <.../> tag
> and you need to insert a space between, as some XSL parsers like XT will
> change <hr></hr> to <hr/>.

Well from what I've seen, Netscape and IE both support wellformed
HTML. At least, they do for <INPUT ../>. I've changed over from using
Cocoon to LotusXSL and found that where I could just throw out <INPUT>
in Cocoon, this isn't allowed with LotusXSL and I have to output
<INPUT />. So far, this appears ok in all the browsers I've tried.

Does anyone else have anymore information on what is and isn't supported
in terms of well-formed HTML by the various browsers and XSL


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