XSLT Spec Problem

Subject: XSLT Spec Problem
From: "Jon Smirl" <jonsmirl@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 11:15:51 -0400
When using parameters with template matches, the parameters only last during
the first match made. For example:


<xsl:template match="DIV">
     <xsl:apply-templates select="*>
      <xsl:param name="label">true</xsl:param>

  <xsl:template match="SPAN">
      <xsl:param-variable name="label">false</xsl:param-variable>

This would work as written. Now suppose somebody comes along an adds a match
for <P>

  <xsl:template match="P">

This breaks the stylesheet because the parameters are lost.

Doesn't this make stylesheets containing parameters very fragile to change?
Any one making a change must carefully understand all use of parameters
before making the slightest change to the sheet. In this case the <P> match
needs to be modified to pass the label parameter along, but what if there
were more combos like DIV/SPAN that the P tag would mess up? All of these
variable would have to be passed along.

Could variables be visible to all matches until the select="*" returns?

Jon Smirl

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