Re: XSLT Spec Problem

Subject: Re: XSLT Spec Problem
From: "Jon Smirl" <jonsmirl@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 21:15:20 -0400
Three possible fixes have been suggested for dealing with the 'label'

1) Make all parameters in the template match stack visible at the lowest
calling level. Right now, only the global and next to lowest level
parameters are visible. If a parameter is declared at a mid level it would
mask the higher level declaration until it goes out of scope.

2) Templates could allow multiple modes. So in this case the template would
allow "label, no-label" as it's modes. Inside the template it can use an
'if' test to see what mode it was called in.

3) Work around it within the existing framework. This is messy and requires
considerable maintenance in tracking parameters and making sure they get
passed around properly.

I'd vote for number 1. I don't believe any of three alternatives would
impact existing sheets.

Jon Smirl

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