XSL too Weak For Generic XML tree view

Subject: XSL too Weak For Generic XML tree view
From: Lance Otis <LanceO@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 08:49:22 -0700
> We have been trying to develop a generic tree viewer, where the data types
> tags are variables and may change in the XML data and the tree structure
> may change as well. For example an XML document tree could look like this
> ( headers not shown):
> <Type1>value
> 	<IndentedType1>value
> 		<IndentedType2>value
> 			<IndentedType3>valuea</IndentedType3>
> 			<IndentedType3>valueb</IndentedType3>
> 			<IndentedType3>valuec</IndentedType3>
> 		</IndentedType2>
> 	</IndentedType1>
> </Type1>
> Independent of the data type tag values, We would like the display to
> mimic the structure in the XML data, what ever it might be. For the above
> example this would be: 
> Type1:value
> -IndentedType1:value
> --IndentedType2:value
> ---IndentedType3:valuea
> ---IndentedType3:valueb
> ---IndentedType3:valuec
> Table flow objects support table displays. Are there any plans for a Tree
> Flow Object, or is there a simple XSL approach that can be used to format
> the output to look just like the data without knowing in advance what that
> data types and structure are? We can format to HTML via custom code to do
> it, but we would like to use an XSL approach.
> //Lance Otis
> Chief Scientist
> Applied Technical Systems, Inc.
> 360-478-2710 x3206

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