Re: XT and document() and xt:document

Subject: Re: XT and document() and xt:document
From: Eric van der Vlist <vdv@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 11:36:37 +0100
If you want to transform a set of source files into a set of output
files, you can just do something like :

<xt:document method="html" href="doc1.html"> 
	<xsl:apply-templates select="document('doc1.xml')/>
<xt:document method="html" href="doc2.html"> 
	<xsl:apply-templates select="document('doc2.xml')/>


Hope this is what you meant ;)


heiko.grussbach@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi,
> how can I pass the result of a document() call to other templates?
> I use the xt:document to open several outputfiles, and want to write to
> each the (transformed) content of one of the several XML input files.
> So what I need is to append the node-set created from the document() call
> to the current one. Any idea how this can be done?
> Regards
> Heiko
> Heiko.Grussbach@xxxxxxxx
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