dynamic string

Subject: dynamic string
From: Marco.Mistroni@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 18:12:04 +0200
hi all,
	i  have the following problem: i have an XML file with some tags
like (ignore errors, i did not put quotes...)
<param name=foo>
<param name=blah>
<param name=www>

in the XSL file i need an instruction so that every time the XSL processor
encounter a <param > element, it grasp the value of the name attribute and
add it to the same string...
what i mean is that, if the file is the one above, after the XSL processor
'parses'(sorry, it is not the right term) the file, the string at the end
must be

is it possible to do something like this in XSL??
please reply me soon

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