Re: Conformance of IE5?

Subject: Re: Conformance of IE5?
From: Chuck White <chuck@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 17:19:00 -0800
on 1/19/2000 4:42 PM, Judi Thomson at thomson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> list of differences between the IE5 implementation of XSLT and the current

The MS version has become nothing more than a truncated version of the much
more powerful W3C version. The only elements IE5 supports, and not
necessarily in conformance, are:

xsl:stylesheet, xsl:attribute,  xsl:choose, xsl:comment, xsl:copy,
xsl:element, xsl:for-each,  xsl:if, xsl:eval,  xsl:otherwise,  xsl:pi,
(xsl:processing-instruction in current draft),  xsl:script  (for global
variables and extensions),  xsl:stylesheet, xsl:template,  xsl:value-of,

The good stuff is mostly missing. IE5 is still a legitimate way to teach the
basics, but its support level for XSL hasn't changed since the release of
IE5, which means its very old in XSL terms. Be aware that you can do stuff
like create an xsl:value-of element without the *select* attribute for IE5,
whereas that same *select* attribute is a required attribute in XSLT. That
means even the most basic style sheets written for IE5 can break when
processed by stuff like XT, even though you've changed the namespace. I'm
sure you'll hear other cautions.

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