Conformance of IE5?

Subject: Conformance of IE5?
From: "Judi Thomson" <thomson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 17:42:49 -0700
I'm working with a university class as an advisor and am trying to find a
list of differences between the IE5 implementation of XSLT and the current
recommendation to share with the students (who would generally rather use
the pretty visual display in IE than the command line environment available
with other processors).

I have found the conformance page posted by microsoft at:  which tells me about
its conformance to an old draft, but I'm new enough to XSL that I don't have
a good feel for what has changed and what additonal features IE won't have.
(for instance, does it allow you to use XPath expressions?)

I realize that I can go through the various versions of the draft and create
a list of changes and compare them to microsoft's document and come up with
a reasonable attempt at the list I'm looking for-- BUT, has anyone done this
already?  even partly?   I'd much rather assist someone else to complete
something than start over on my own.

Judi Thomson

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