Re: XSLT processors performance/compliance matrix

Subject: Re: XSLT processors performance/compliance matrix
From: "Mark D. Anderson" <mda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 12:59:38 -0800
in addition to your list, probably a useful thing would be
to have a direct link to the "known bugs" and "extensions" lists of each of the
tools from their web sites. the corporate web sites (oracle, ibm) are so labyrinthian
that may be difficult, but that makes it extra valuable.

here is what i have:
xt-19991105 -
- does not implement xsl:key (known bug).

saxon-19991220 -
- incorrectly fails on unavailable functions even if protected
by an xsl:if test="function-available(...)" (bug submitted)

- incorrectly requires namespace declarations at the top of
the import hierarchy which is the union of everything imported
(apparently - but not submitted because not narrowed).

oraxml- :
- fails with test= expressions using qnames on documents with qnames
(bug sumitted)

xalan-0.19.1 :
- doesn't process my style sheets correctly, so
i don't know about compliance (bug not submitted).


It would also be useful to tabulate what/if they support extensions:

- xt supports java extensions, including constructors with arguments.

- saxon supports java extensions, with limited constructor support.

- xalan and oracle offer java extensions, with unknown? constructor support.

also builtin extension functions:

- xt has node-set, intersection, document, ...
- saxon has node-set, output, ...
- xalan has write
- oracle has none


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