C++ libraries for XML/XSL

Subject: C++ libraries for XML/XSL
From: "James Lynn" <jiml@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 12:30:42 -0000
We're developing an ISAPI extension that will use XML and XSLT. We're
looking for a stable library that implements XML parsing and XSL
transformation. Our platform is currently Windows NT Server, running IIS4,
but we want to remain able to move to other non-windows platforms in the
future if it becomes necessary.

Can anyone suggest a reliable C++ library for XML and XSLT? Most work seems
to be being done in Java, which doesn't help us at this stage. Our current
proposed solution is to wrap the Microsoft msxml component in more generic
classes so we can drop that out and drop in another solution later. I'm
nervous about committing to the MS component since I read that its
conformance isn't necessarily that great.  If there already is a
cross-platform C++ library, it would be preferable.

Failing that, am I missing any other solutions to providing XML tree-parsing
and XSL transformations in C++?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Jim Lynn.
Developer, h2g2.

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