RFC : XML representation of a HTTP request

Subject: RFC : XML representation of a HTTP request
From: Eric van der Vlist <vdv@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 12:58:35 +0100

In a java servlet environment, I have developed a mapping of the HTTP
request into a result tree fragment through sax events (using XT).

The goal is to use this environment in a XSL transformation to trigger
context dependent actions and transformation.

I'd like to have your feedback on the structure I am proposing...

Currently, this structure of the tree is something which, translated
into XML, would be like :


(It could be extended to the cookies as well.)

The names of the headers, variables or parameters is used as the name of
the entities.

In this tree, the path to the variable "URI" is therefore :

Would it be better to have a common entity name and something like :

       <parameter name="x">2</parameter>

The path to the variable "URI" would then be  :

If it's the case and if we have different entity names for the
parameters, headers, variables (and later on cookies), do we need to
keep a structured path to these different entities since a path of 
"/request/variable[@name='URI']" would already be sufficient to
differentiate the variable "URI" from a possible parameter "URI" ?

And of course, If I am reinventing the wheel and if a XML schema to
represent a request context has already been defined, I'll be very glad
to know it !

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	(the example with its code)

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Thanks for your feedback.


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