4Thought's 4XSLT

Subject: 4Thought's 4XSLT
From: John Robert Gardner <jrgardn@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 13:13:05 -0500 (EST)
Has anyone had any success actually running this?  Well, put better,
_installing it in teh first place?  It takes some 8 or so files--some of
which don't seem available at one of the FTP's--and no real order is
specified in installing them.  I'm not a Python veteran, put I have it on
my mac, and the 4thought instructions don't seem to help.  Cf. files at:


But don't forget also the base, and also:

You will also need the Python xml-sig distribution, version 0.5.1,
swig 1.1, and the GNU compilation tools.  RPMs of the xml package and
swig are mirrored at


Oh, and Python too . ..  . 

Once again, I'm trying to make things for scholars that are reasonably
explainable, so if it's too complicated/not a worthwhile tool, that info
will be helpful too.  I'll just tell folks to shell out for VirtualPC and
run the win32 exe of XT.  I was just trying to find free tools.  If
4thought's a bust, I'll try Chuck White's stuff (I'm still not real clear
on it . .. ) at http://freespace.virgin.net/b.pawson/xsl/sect4.html#N6579

(N.B.-- many Kudo's to Dave Pawson for the XSL FAQ at Freespace).


John Robert Gardner
Emory University
"If there is something you're thinking of doing, or wish you could do,
begin it.  In boldness there is mystery and power . . . . "  -Goethe

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