RE: C++ libraries for XML/XSL

Subject: RE: C++ libraries for XML/XSL
From: Sebastian Rahtz <sebastian.rahtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 16:13:51 +0000 (GMT)
Mark Scardina writes:
 > Take a look at the Oracle C++ Parser on OTN.  It has built in XSLT support.
 > Its located at

You might not want to, when you discover

"The following features of the XSLT recommendation are not currently
supported but may be available in future releases: xsl:number,
xsl:sort, xsl:namespace-alias, xsl:decimal-format, forwards-compatible
processing with xsl:version, extension elements, extension functions,
xsl:fallback, xsl:output, xsl:apply-import, xsl:call-template, and
literal result element as stylesheet. In addition, the following
XSLT-specific additions to the core XPath library are not supported:
document(), current(), element-available(), function-available(),
format-number(), generate-id(), and system-property()."

I don't think I have an XSL stylesheet that doesn't use at least one
thing from this list. Pity! Still, something to watch for.

But I wonder, anyway:

[spqr]~/Home/cem:~/XML/cpporacle/bin/xml cem.xml
<131,22> LPX-00219: invalid character 913 used as character reference
Segmentation fault

this is caused by <!ENTITY Alpha "&#913;">. Can anyone tell me why the 
Oracle beast objects to this????

Then again, everytime I try to go into OTN, and give the username and
password, it crashes my browser. When I have to go to my colleagues
box and run IE4 under Windows in order to do the download, I wonder....

And yes, thats why I haven't reported this bug to Oracle. It gives me
the willies to have Netscape dying every time.


PS No, I am not complaining. Its a beta release they let me use for
free, and I am glad to do so.

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