RE: Using Entity References in XSL Templates

Subject: RE: Using Entity References in XSL Templates
From: Mike Brown <mbrown@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 10:01:34 -0700
Thank you Michael and Arjun for clearing this up for me. I'm sorry to
pollute the lists with misinterpreted information. It was not clear to me
that the "document character set" was always UCS, and I was confused by this
passage in HTML 4.01 sec. 24.2, Character entity references for ISO 8859-1

"To support these named entities, user agents need only recognize the entity
names and convert them to characters that lie within the repertoire of

Compare this to 5.3.1, Numeric character references, "Numeric character
references specify the code position of a character in the document
character set."

Since I overlooked the fact that the document character set is independent
of the encoding and is always that of [at least the first 256 code positions
of] ISO-10646's UCS, then the former statement causes no worry, and I
withdraw the case for concern.

Thanks for all the additional references, too.

*settles down for some reading*


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