RE: Using Entity References in XSL Templates

Subject: RE: Using Entity References in XSL Templates
From: "Pawson, David" <DPawson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 07:52:24 -0000
: Mike Brown wrote:

>Thank you Michael and Arjun for clearing this up for me. I'm sorry to
>pollute the lists with misinterpreted information. It was not 
>clear to me
>that the "document character set" was always UCS, and I was 
>confused by this
>passage in HTML 4.01 sec. 24.2, Character entity references 
>for ISO 8859-1
>Thanks for all the additional references, too.
>*settles down for some reading*

The was particularly good.
(Beginning to see something of Tony's sense of humour too :-)

<para>You're a {!@<#*%}.</para>
<para>Yeah, well take your {!@<#*%} and shove it up your {!#%*#@@!%}.</para>
 - Nice one Tony! 

With Tony's permission, I'll have a go at extracting some definitions
for the jargon buster, but I (guessing like many) am still unclear
as the the source of these problems in a ?typical? XSLT production
path. When I sit down at an editor, and wish to enter some character
which is not on my keyboard; wanting to present it such that it reads
on 'most' browsers in html, whats the sequence I must consider?

Michael, Arjun, do you have time to paint the picture? Perhaps an
example using a single byte character and one which requires two
bytes. It might give others less cause to come back to the list repeatedly?
Pointing out the pitfalls along the way? what sequence should I go through?
What are the reference sources?
(btw Arjun, from , the bdf links
to return something strange, I can't unzip it)

In hope; DaveP

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