Re: disable-output-escaping

Subject: Re: disable-output-escaping
From: "patrick honner" <sw_pat@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 14:35:08 EST


The HTML tags are just ignored when they stand alone inside an element (at least when using XT). They don't appear at all in the output, not even as literals.

By putting them inside a CDATA *and* diabling the output-escaping, they are processed just as you would expect in the output HTML.

The problem is that I want to have, as an XML-element, a large HTML file that will be properly rendered upon the <xsl:value-of> call. Using CDATA and disable-output-escaping works perfectly, *when* I am creating static HTML pages through XT. However, when I use cocoon (eventually to be used to dynamically create the output) the HTML tags appear literally.

Thanks for your interest, and thanks in advance if you can offer any advice.


> An example: can you not just allow HTML elements inside ESSAY, like so:

  <ESSAY><B>Here</B> is some HTML that I want to output
                      about <I>Apples</I>

putting it in a CDATA means you lose all the structure, which isn't
really in the spirit of the NewOrder.

Getting structured output out of unstructured input is _not_ something
XSL is particularly good at (although it could probably do this case,
given enough inducement)


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