Re: asp assistance please (Can we get some POSITIVE suggestions please?)

Subject: Re: asp assistance please (Can we get some POSITIVE suggestions please?)
From: Dan Morrison <dman@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2000 23:38:18 +1200
Marcus Carr wrote:
> Mike Brown wrote:
> > Your comments imply that you have evaluated Saxon and XT to some degree,
> > yet no effort is made to make the average MSXML user aware that these
> > other tools exist, how MSXML compares, what features can only be found in
> > MSXML, and that XSLT is as widely implemented and utilized as it is.
> Come on - that's a bit rough, don't you think? 


Please tone it down - I have found that the XML division of MS is
genuinely well-intentioned, and have done a damn fine job until now of
keeping up AND deploying a product which many folk are actually finding
useful in day-to-day practice. 
Whatever you prejudices you may choose to hold,  MS is NOT a monolith of
drones, there are more than a few individuals in there trying to do the
right thing, and there's more than the usual proportion in the XML
division this year :-)

It was ALWAYS understood - by anyone who actually bothered to read up -
that last years MSXML implimentation was only partial - as were most
equivalent products at the time IE4 was released!
The spec didn't even exist then, remember?

The terms "pre-release", "beta" and "web release" do actually imply
"caveat emptor" (although I too am unsure just what "Web Release"
actually means!) 

Don't blame the manufacturer for only documenting what they wanted you
to know - blame the dolts who have NEVER visited or W3C, read
any industry mags or checked out any of the newsgroups or discussion
lists. Complaining you are misinformed is just a case of _willful_
ignorance, so drop it.

It doesn't take five minutes of websearching to get aware that there are
compatibility issues between different products. 

C, HTML, Java - some of the most widly deployed 'language standards'
have all and always had platform issues, quirks and work-arounds. Yes
they should be ironed out, but give up knocking the pre-releases. 
If anyone ever claims a 100% bug-free money-back guaranteed
fully-compliant parser - sue them. Until then keep the money you paid
out for MSXML (how much was it?) in your pocket.

... sorry. I'm just getting fed up with this dead horse being pushed
around the group AGAIN this week.


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