RE: MSXML 3.0 XSLT. Does it work?

Subject: RE: MSXML 3.0 XSLT. Does it work?
From: dcallis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Danny Callis)
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 13:59:50 -0500
For what it's worth, this is what I've been thru in the last 2 days and
finally, magically am in the world of MSXML3 today:

I tried the install and XMLINST unsuccessfully 3 times.
I used regsvr32 -u and manually unregistered the old MSXML.dll.
I renamed MSXML.dll.
I manually registered MSXML3.dll.
At this point all my XML (output straight from ADO) popped up WordPad to
display the XML output!!
I rebooted to no avail.
I reinstalled MSXML3 again and used XMLINST.
Suddenly, my XML appeared in the browser (as it was doing in MSXML)...

Now I'm wading thru XSLT path name changes for that crazy
"xml/rs:data/z:row" convention used by ADO...and am up to my neck so far...

Hope this helps...

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Hi Mike,

The reason why I didn't post any code is because it is generated by an
application I am developing, transformed to MIF (for FrameMaker) by a
stylesheet and only the output saved.  The XML code never exists in a file.
I am using DOM to hold both the XML code and the stylesheet.  The XML code
generated is typically quite large.

I had a stylesheet that did this successfully in the previous version of
the parser but I want to use useful features of this version (namely
xsl:text and others) but I am not having any joy.  In fact I am quite
desperate because I have a deadline to meet!

What exactly does it mean to install in "replace" mode?

Thanks a lot
Sotiris, CTL, Cyprus

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