RE: Adding a childnode to a DataIsland

Subject: RE: Adding a childnode to a DataIsland
From: "Chris Bayes" <Chris@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 09:09:08 +0100
roomsXML.innerHTML = strNewRoom;

Ciao Chris

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>Subject: Adding a childnode to a DataIsland
>Hi ! I have an XML dataisland that looks like this -
><xml id=roomsXML>
>    <room id=101>
>        <features> <feature name='a/c'><feature name='bar'></features>
>        <properties> <property name='abc' value='105'> <property name='xyz'
>    </room>
>    <room id=102>
>        <features> <feature name='jacuzzi'><feature
>        <properties> <property id='31' value='107'> <property id='33'
>    </room>
>I also have a string variable somewhere in the script that does:
>    .....
>    .....
>    var strNewRoom=xmlhttp.responseText (i can use responseXML if you need
>me to)
>So now, strNewRoom would have the following value returned by a XMLHttp
>"<room id=102><features> <feature name='jacuzzi'><feature
>name='poolside'></features> <properties> <property id='31' value='107'>
><property id='33' value='109'></properties></room>"
>How do I add the contents of this variable as a childNode to roomsXML ?
>Is it better if I fill in strNewRoom with xmlhttp.responseXML instead ? How
>would I add it to the dataisland then ?
>tia, Sunny.
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