Re: Saxon VS XT

Subject: Re: Saxon VS XT
From: Paul Tchistopolskii <paul@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 22:33:58 -0700
From: <David_Marston@xxxxxxxxx>

> Paul Tchistopolskii says:
> >Sebastian, I apologize, but maybe you will provide me with
> >some particular usecase which can not be done
> >with current XT ( + Java )?
> How about anything using the key() function?

Could you pelase give a particular usecase?
> >I think that I can do anything in XT + Java *and*  XT + Java
> >solution will be faster than 'conformant' solution.
> Aaah, now it all becomes clear. You're saying that if you
> write all your own stylesheets, you can circumvent the missing
> parts in XT.

I'm saying that parts which are missing from XT are not critical
to me.

>  Then you go on to claim that the missing parts
>  won't stop you from generating the output you want. As noted
>  in another thread, you must be limiting your wants when it
>  comes to character encodings. 

I don't care spending few days for hacking yet another output 
handler for XT, because Eric already did the hard part of 
the job ( and published it on ).

> Can (you + XT + Java) produce  anything *I* want, if I say 
> I want Katakana?

You want me to put UTF8 - Katakana filter into  
XT Output Handler ?

Because of your email address I doubt that you 
are realy so helpless - but if you are - please write 
me e-mail and I'l send you my rate. 

> My larger objection to what you say is that you are
> foreclosing one of the benefits of standards: portability
> of code, stylesheets in this case. If you wanted to grab
> any pieces of XSLT code off The Net or whatever, that code
> may be conformant but require features that XT doesn't
> have. 

Are you saying there is something reasonable out 
there written in XSLT and it is using some features 
which are missing in XT ?

Could you please provide the url ? And then I'l tell 
you how long it took me to port that masterpice to XT.

If I'l consider it to be worth porting, of course. We both 
are making very hypotetical statements here.

> If you want to hire others to write XSLT code for
> you, you have to teach them the limitations of XT, and
> that will reduce their productivity. 

Oh, boy. "Limitations of XT". I'l not more comment on 
this. At least XT *announces* the limitations of  XT.

> Any time there's
> conformant example code being circulated, you have to
> review it against the limitations before you can use it.

I'l better write the trivial XSLT stylesheet that will check 
the code for "XT-conformance".  If I really have to solve 
this hypothetical task.  Sorry - my answer is about 


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