Solved:: VAJava XSLT result (perfect HTML) different from WAS 3.0 resu lt (SAXException) -samejars, etc

Subject: Solved:: VAJava XSLT result (perfect HTML) different from WAS 3.0 resu lt (SAXException) -samejars, etc
From: "Aaron Alanen" <alanen@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 23:57:08 -0700
I've figured out why WAS was having the problem.  If you'll see the
following standard transform:

XSLTProcessor processor = XSLTProcessorFactory.getProcessor();
processor.process(new XSLTInputSource(_xmlFile),
        new XSLTInputSource(_xslFile),
        new XSLTResultTarget(new FileWriter(_outputFileName)));

Both the _xmlFile and _xslFile are actually StringReaders built from a
FileReader read file.  The processor was able to find the import files
within the main template just fine by using the import URLs, but the problem
really ended up being good old fashioned EBCEDIC.   Our Websphere
Application Server (WAS) is running on an S/390 that has both TSO and
OpenEdition Unix.  If I don't wrap the output and input in a FileReader or
FileWriter, I'll have problems with the conversion / and or read of files,
as we saw....  This also explained the Big-5 Chinese character looking
output I had before I put a FileWriter on the XSLTResultTarget as shown

Anyone know where I can update the processor in the Xalan source to pop in a
FileReader on the imports of child templates?  I've looked around a little
bit but haven't found it.  I think what I'll do is wrap all my templates
(removing the headers) into a StringReader and send it all in in one
batch.....  not the cleanest implementation, but I'm running out of time!

Thanks for all the help!  I hope this may help someone else in the future.
EBCEDIC....   arrrr.

Aaron Alanen

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> Igor Tatarinov writes:
> >so the real question would be does the xsl:import statment
> >accept a relative URL ???
> It does, and we test that as part of the pre-delivery test
> of Xalan. Maybe the question is one of those FAQs about how
> many slashes should be in a file://// URL.
> .................David Marston
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