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Subject: Re: XSLT V 1.1
From: Paul Tchistopolskii <paul@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 18:27:19 -0700
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From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>

> > Maybe there are some especially weird usecases
> > when entities 'override  the URI, but it is 'important'
> > to the stylesheet ( I can't believe this is the case in
> > the real life, but theoretically it could be, as David
> > says. And he is right. Maybe. I'll agree  when I'll see
> > a usecase. )
> It is very common for entities to have different base URI
> <!ENTITY chap1 SYSTEM "chapter1/main.xml">
> <!ENTITY chap1 SYSTEM "chapter2/main.xml">
> ...
> <doc>
> &chap1;
> &chap2;
> </doc>
> being a common idiom (common round here, anyway)
> If you require document() to pull in something relative to the source
> document then it seems quite likely that in such a case you'll
> want to know the URI for the part if the source that you are in.

... and now let us see the example of XSL, processing this 
document which will work in document() with 2 parameters 
but will be broken by resolving the URI in the way I was 
proposing ( silly me, I should resist discussing document(), 
because it was just N 4 in my list ).

I'm not saying that such a usecase does not exist ...
I don't see it yet... Maybe I don't understand you and 
the 'URI-sensitive'  usecase  is already here?

Macroprocessing takes place before XML 'processing'
has started. The transformation is provided with the 'top-level'
URI. Knowledge of 'top-level' XML URI is more than enough 
for real life. ( I think I already said that, I'm very sorry 
if it is still not clear. I don't know how to say this better ).

Of course, there could be some usecase when it is not enough. 
This is a usecase which I was asking for. I'm guess the usecase 
is to do something sensitive to the "chapter1/main.xml" ???

( In the future let us call the snippet you wrote above be ... 
book.xml ).

Let us reveal the usecase which has forced document() to have 
2 parameters ( when only one parameter + resolving document() 
not from 'XSL' but from 'XML' is really needed for 99% of cases ).


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