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Subject: RE: XSLT V 1.1
From: Eckenberger Axel <Extern.Eckenberger@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 09:56:44 +0200
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> > I second Davids proposal that there should be a standard 
> > interface to the various URI's
> > present in the processor.

In a recent discussion we traced a problem to the fact that neither the
stylesheet, nor the xml-document did have a file representation and were
in-memory only. As document was feeded with a relative URI the stylesheet
could not be parsed, because the URI of the sylesheet could not be retrieved
(no file !!!). If there would be a standard way of determinig the URI of the
stylesheet, it could be tested whether the stylesheet has an URI or not and
if not the error could be processed. For this reason I too second David's

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> My solution is:
> 1. Provide XSL stylesheet with URI of 'XML' and 'XSL'.
> 2. Resolve all URI's in document() relatively to 'XML'
> and 'xsl:import' 'xsl:include' relatively to 'XSL'
> 3. For other (weird) cases - calculate the desired
> URI by yourself.
> Yes, (3) requires XSL Engine  to provide 2
> parameters to each stylesheet. Like :
> "current-xsl" and "current-xml".
> Or "$argv0" and "$argv1".  Or add 2 more functions,
> like get-xsl-uri() and get-xml-uri().
> 2 more parameters will be better than 2 more functions,
> from my point of view and will be better than current
> document().

The problem is that you look at the topic from a point of view where you
have files, but if you use XML within components (via the DOM) you might not
have them and IMHO this is not a 'weied' case. I agree that there should be
a way of determinig the URI for a node (and a way of determining whether
ther is _no_ URI, see above). Hovever, I do not agree with you that it
should be the document function's default behaviour to resolve relative
paths relative to the xml document.

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> Rgds.Paul.

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