Re: My favourite XSLT enhancement requests

Subject: Re: My favourite XSLT enhancement requests
From: Joe English <jenglish@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 11:03:08 -0700
Lassi A. Tuura wrote:

> As there was a request for enhancements for the next round, here's my
> favourite: ability to define parameters that pass through all layers of
> templates, not just one level.  It would be nice if both xsl:param and
> xsl:with-param had an option that allowed them to be passed to all
> nested template applications -- xsl:param too because sometimes you have
> a family of templates that all use the same parameters, and once it is
> passed in, you want to keep passing it around.

In other words, dynamically scoped variables (instead of or
in addition to to statically scoped ones)

I agree, this be a very handy feature.  Older versions of Lisp,
including Emacs Lisp, worked this way, and although dynamic
scope has largely fallen out of favor Common Lisp and R5RS Scheme
provide this as an option (I think they're called "special"
variables in Lisp).

--Joe English


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