Sending data from Java to XSL

Subject: Sending data from Java to XSL
From: "Joerg Colberg" <joerg.colberg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 100 17:45:47 EDT
Hi all,

   I have a "simple" question (although it doesn't seem to be that
simple to me at all). I have some Java code which produces an array
of data which I want to use in an XSL. To be precise, the Java class
returns the names of the months in German (could be anything similar
to that, though). How would I pass that into the XSL? I am assuming
the Java class should construct a little tree-fragment and pass that?
I'd really appreciate help on this! Thanks a lot!

- Joerg
Dr. Joerg M. Colberg
Econovo Software, Inc.

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