Re: (2 xpath questions)

Subject: Re: (2 xpath questions)
From: "Taras Tielkes" <t.r.tiekes@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 14:02:47 +0200
Thanks for the reply, David, comments inline.

> > 1) Why does ".//" work, but "//" not? (This query is done on the
> > root.)
> .// means (roughly) descend from the current node and // means descend
> from the document root. So if they work differently then you are not
> at the root of the document.

I am sure that the context node is the document root.

To give some more background information:
-I'm using the MSXML July beta
-I'm doing a simple XPath query on the document (no XSL involved)

When I query the doc root node for "//", the parser will report that it is
an "Incomplete XPath statement".
The current MSXML beta has some bugs, but the only missing XPath feature
listed is the namespace axis.

Are you sure that the query should work?

> > 2)...
> > what are the rules that apply when I add an extra slash
> simple rule, don't do it.  The / should be followed by the next step of
> the xpath.

Heh heh, i figured out that much. MSXML gives a root node back when I append
a "/" at the end of an XPath query.

I'd like to know if such a query is actually invalid. If it is, the parser
should throw an exception.(And the current behaviour should be filed as a

Thanks for any answers

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