RE: last attribute ?

Subject: RE: last attribute ?
From: Brian Young <Brian.Young@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 09:53:06 -0400

Ok, I made a logical leap (and a bad one at that...).

The original statement by Mike Kay indicated that the order of attributes returned by xsl:for-each was not reliable (which makes sense).  I then made my leap (uh-oh) and assumed that this would also apply to the order of elements that are returned by xsl:for-each.

My code depends (as I'm sure others do...) on xsl:for-each returning document order of elements by default.  Knowing Mike Kay to be a very reliable font of XML/XSL information and with my logical leap in hand, I felt enough concern that I had to ask the question.  :)

As for attribute order, no, I don't care about it.  But I figured whatever mechanism there would be to force it (like an attribute on xsl:for-each) would work on forcing element order, were that to be an issue.  Which it isn't.

Confused yet?  I am.  And the day is still young!

   Brian Young

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Subject: RE: last attribute ?

>Why would the attributes not be processed in document order?  If they are 
>not, how can this be forced?

The term "document order" doesn't apply to a particular element's
attributes. Order doesn't matter with attributes; <test color="red"
age="2"/> and <test age="2" color="red"/> are the same to an XML parser. 

What kind of app are you creating output for that cares about attribute
order? It's not a conformant XML parser, and I've never heard of an HTML
application (browser or otherwise) that cared about attribute order.

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