Re: (2 xpath questions)

Subject: Re: (2 xpath questions)
From: "Taras Tielkes" <t.r.tiekes@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 00:24:24 +0200
Thanks a lot (all who commented) for explaining.

Andy, I missed your post and also posted the two bugs (ending / and //) to
the xml.webrelease news group.

I'm curious though if the team that defined the XPath spec did consider
allowing leading and ending //.

// by itself would select all nodes in the document, and trailing // would
select all descending nodes in the context.


> This is an MSXML XPath parser bug that I've been meaning to fix.
> to the BNF in the XPath spec, / and // should never be allowed at the end
> queries (well, except for /, the absolute query).
> ~Andy Kimball

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