Re: XML+XSL Workflow Advice?

Subject: Re: XML+XSL Workflow Advice?
From: Robert Koberg <rob@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 04:52:48 -0700
A couple of other things I should mention:

Fo any appropriate text based content that we might ever possibly want to
license, we use XML that is compliant with the DocBook dtd. (Norm Walsh, who wrote the O'Reilly's book on docbook
has also created a set of XSL stylesheets that handle the entire spec - it
is educational to see how he does it - )

For any kind of testing or assessment type of content that we want to
license, we use XML that is compliant with the IMS dtd ( I don't know if it has been the best choice does
anybody know a better option?)

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> I hope this thread gets some play - very interested in hearing how others
> it.
> In addition to XSL, I use Macromedia's Director and Flash (both of which
> use to style XML content).  I work for the Design Studio in our (500
> company. I work closely with server-side java developers, Oracle
> and Interwoven consultants (all from differnet departments). We manage our
> content workflow through Interwoven (content entry through deployment).
> manage code with CVS (invaluable).
> I genrally work from a spec'd out Photoshop file, html storyboards (just
> simple, basic html walk through of the site - so styling or graphics), and
> possibly some kind of html demo (styled, with graphics, but not really
> functional).
> I usually create a "siteconfig.xml" file that lays out the site
> hierarchically down to the page level. At each hierarchical level are
> like global elements such as page navigation. At the page level I mark-up
> page specific information like pointers to any XML that makes up the page
> and the XSL that will style it.  This is either precompiled at server
> startup for dynamic sites or used later with a Perl script or java app to
> generate offline.
> A useful thing is a "globaldefinitions.ent" file that holds global
> variables. For example:
> <!ENTITY srv_uri ">
> <!ENTITY img_uri "&srv_uri;/images">
> etc....
> Then you just need to reference the entity: <img
> src="&img_uri;/myimage.gif"/>
> We are only doing 4th generation-browser-compatible sites. We make use of
> CSS. We check with JavaScript whether the client machine is MacIE5,
> (otherwise) Mac, or Win32 and give an appropriate stylesheet (unix/linux
> gets basic, default everything).
> thanks for starting the thread,
> Rob

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