Re: Paging using XSLT

Subject: Re: Paging using XSLT
From: dkarr@xxxxxxxx (David M. Karr)
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 09:58:22 -0400 (EST)
>>>>> "Bharat" == Bharat Chintapally <Bharat.Chintapally@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
  Bharat> Good Morning folks:
  Bharat>           I am trying to use XSLT to present large amounts of XML data in
  Bharat> HTML tables. I need to implement a paging mechanism to let users navigate
  Bharat> to previous and next pages etc. Has anybody implemented such a paging
  Bharat> mechanism. Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.

If you're willing to process on the server-side instead, and use JSP
(both of which are probably non-trivial changes to your architecture),
I noticed that on 9/26, version 1.1 of a tag library named "Pager" was
released.  You can see information about this at

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