Re: Inserting into a href tag

Subject: Re: Inserting into a href tag
From: "Ken Dickerson" <kdicke@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 17:02:00 -0400 (EST)
What I am doing for something similar is:
XML file:
<product num="US1234">

XSL file:
<A><xsl:attribute name="href">/details<xsl:value-of
see how this works. I did not code this example in my stuff, but it may
work. I did not need to have the directory portion.
Another choice would be to create a variable and use that:
<xsl:variable name="prodnum" select="@num"/>
<A href="/details/$prodnum">...

Let me know how it works.
(email: ken.dickerson@xxxxxxxxxxx)

I'm trying to insert a value from an XML file into an href tag, but it is
not working correctly.
This is the XML file:
This value will need to be used in many places, such as this inside my XSL
<A href="/details/{prodnum}">
<A href="/view={prodnum}">
<A href="/expand={prodnum}">
I'm get output that looks like this:
<A href="/details/%0A%20US1234%0A%20"}
<A href="/view=%0A%20US1234%0A%20"}
<A href="/expand=%0A%20US1234%0A%20"}
What am I doing wrong here? I've tried references like {product/prodnum},
but that returns a blank. Is there something outside of this code that I
need to declare?
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